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the ride of a lifetime summary

When the two people at the top of the company have a dysfunctional relationship, there’s no way that the rest of the company beneath them can be functional. Synopsis: The Ride of a Lifetime is an autobiography by Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney. Disney movies make billions of dollars and get the imaginations of millions of viewers. Fourteen years later, Disney is the largest, most admired media company in the world, counting Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox among its properties. Now he was Disney’s official number two and next person to take over from Eisner when he retired. When he got to the meeting, he was convinced he was about to get sackedeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'goodbooksummary_com-leader-2','ezslot_18',112,'0','0'])); However, Eisner shocked him. What is the sticking point? ( Log Out /  In the summer of 2016, Disney came close to buying Twitter. During the fall of 2005, Iger pulled into his driveway and made a call Jobs to request for a meeting to talk of a “crazy” idea. I read the book Creativity. You must be attentive, learn, absorb, listen to other people’s problems, and help find solutions, Good leadership is about helping others be prepared to possibly step in to your shoes if needed. He wasn’t being cut out– he was being promoted to COO and offered a seat on Disney’s board of directors! That left them with a few smaller choices. He started as a bottom-level crew member on television sets and eventually became CEO of Disney for 15 years. The initial idea had been to release it directly to video; however, as costs spiraled, it was then agreed to show it in theaters first. When some kinds of stuff such as to-do lists, diary, and awareness meditation tools come together like bound. The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger [Book Summary] Written by Savaş Ateş in Business Disney is an undeniable entertainment heavyweight. The new owners instantly removed the incentives formerly enjoyed by the ABC Sports workers. As expected, it was such a great insight into not only his life, but how Disney has grown and evolved in the past couple of decades while he worked there. Also, Iger learned a lot, particularly from Roone Arledge, an innovative sports journalist who was part of the first in the industry to accept new technologies such as reverse-angle cameras and slow-motion replays. Ovitz was a talented agent; however, he was a poor manager. If Iger wasn’t reading books from Mark Twain, Faulkner or Hemingway, he was talking about politics with his dad – a vocal liberal who had once quit his work just to listen to Martin Luther King Jr. give a speech. The two corporations had decided to co-produce, market, and distribute five movies in the mid-nineties. About The Ride of a Lifetime #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A memoir of leadership and success: The executive chairman of Disney, Time’s 2019 businessperson of the year, shares the ideas and values he embraced during his fifteen years as CEO while reinventing one of the world’s most beloved companies and inspiring the people who bring the magic to life. That was a task that had Iger’s name on it. But, by the mid-nineties, the entertainment guru was in problem. After his conversation with Miller, Iger drew out three key priorities for Disney. Disney is crushing it … Leading, nevertheless, entails being focused, being present in meetings you wouldn’t attend if you had the choice not to, and fixing people’s issues. In the spirit of full transparency, this blog utilizes affiliate links as an Amazon Associate. I think Disney now more so since they’ve gotten so much bigger and a global influence in the past couple decades. Platforms and streaming services were the future and Disney had to get in on that. Disney is a movie and theme park empire that generates billions of dollars. © 2021 Copyright Good Book Summaries [Daily Updated], link to The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll [Book Summary - Review], link to The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra [Book Summary - Review]. Through his story from his humble beginnings at ABC’s Small Production Services Department to being offered the job of CEO at Disney and rebuilding the company, he demonstrates how innovation, risk-taking, quality leadership, and a few other things can lead to massive success. The Ride of a Lifetime, p. 140. It’s full of fascinating stories, triumphs, and leadership lessons. That was not a choice; however, but Iger had another suggestion– buying Pixar outright. Every single career has “inflection points,” or choices that change the future drastically. Clearly, Iger’s steady work had made Eisner change his mind. There was slight the latter detested more than being bullied and, during early 2004, he declared in public that he would never again work with Disney. 2,929 reviews. There, each choice had to be run by Strategic Planning, a division full of Harvard and Stanford MBAs. More essentially, Disney is now a top voice in cultural debates around the world. In The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger chronicles how innovation was the key to his many successes. Your small donation will help me with the costs to maintain my website. Robert Iger started in the media industry after an accidental meeting that got him a job at ABC, one of America’s leading TV networks. That was mainly as a result of Disney’s corporate norms. As it was stated by newspapers, the deal didn’t even conceal Marvel’s famous characters. After ABC was acquired by Disney, Iger became COO and, in 2005, CEO of Disney. Disney would purchase Pixar for a sum of $6.4 billion and assure Lasseter and Catmull’s creative freedom and independence. The passion it takes to create something is powerful and most creatures are understandably sensitive when their vision or execution is questioned, You need to have a clear understanding of the big picture or else the small details won’t matter, He didn’t want to be in the business of playing it safe, but to, He believes his strength is his ability to urge creative people to do their best work and take chances, while also helping them rebound from failure, At meetings outside of his own company, he tries to, It is a small gesture but he remembers how important it is to. One evening, Iger was given a job to buy Sinatra some mouthwash. 10 Principles necessary to true leadership: To turn things over in your mind in a less pressured, more creative way than is possible once the daily triage kicks in, Do what you need to do to make things better, In your work and your life you’ll be more respected and trusted when you, Genuine decency and professional competitiveness weren’t mutually exclusive, Managing the creative processes start with an understanding that it is not a science, Everything is subjective and there is no right or wrong. By removing its TV shows and movies from other streaming services such as Netflix, Disney is basically losing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual license fees. The first few days were without any problem; however, then everything went south. I like to play soccer too :) Good Reads Profile:, The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll [Book Summary - Review]. As polite as ever, Sinatra was grateful to him with a crisp $100 bill and a gold cigarette lighter. However, things were different at Disney. It was an enlightening, although a negative lesson in leadership for Iger. Disney’s Chairman and CEO, Bob Iger, has been called the most powerful person in entertainment. Provided that budgetary restrictions were followed, senior staff such as Iger was permitted to lead projects. You’ve started, don’t stop! Iger stated that anything below that wasn’t only going to cut it. Iger’s father graduated from Wharton, a well-known business school in Pennsylvania, Iger’s father was a clever and talented man susceptible to worrying and insecurity. In The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger shares the lessons he learned while running Disney and leading its 220,000-plus employees, and he explores the principles that are necessary for true leadership, including: This audiobook is about the relentless curiosity that has driven Iger for 45 years, since the day he started as the lowliest studio grunt at ABC. The second decision was immediately rejected. Therefore, what’s Iger’s plan? . As the season unfolded, the plot started to twist and viewers slowly lost interest. Any donations help me maintain my website and create content consistently. Disney, he claimed, didn’t require these household names – Marvel had more than enough captivating stories in its treasure house to produce great movies. Disney’s well-known animation division had lost its creative spark and its new movies had been expensive failures. In 2006, when he was promoted to the CEO, it was already obvious that consumers’ relationship with entertainment and media content was adjusting. Let’s say Disney decided to pay that much cash, Jobs was never going to sell it. Based on the bestselling novel by master storyteller Nicholas Sparks, THE LONGEST RIDE centers on the star-crossed love affair between Luke, a former champion bull rider looking to make a comeback, and Sophia, a college student who is about to embark upon her dream job in New York City's art world. Also, there were personnel problems. November 20, 2020November 17, 2020Luke RowleyBiography, Business, Career, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Motivation & Inspiration, Success, Work. Every donation is greatly appreciated! Nobody. In 2001, the September 11 invasions made the stock market drop and required Disney’s largest shareholder, the Bass family, to leave 135 million shares worth $2 billion. Fascinated by his can-do outlook, the supervisor employed Iger to work at the network’s greatest profitable unit. He started as a bottom-level crew member on television sets and eventually became CEO of Disney for 15 years. In a form that would repeat itself all through his career, his promotion overlapped with a key shake-up. Looking for the summary of The Ride of a Lifetime? … This would be the foundation on which Disney’s own animation studio would make as it reinvented itself. When he stated that he was resigning, President Dan Burke said to him that he should consider carefully– if he stayed around, he would ensure that Iger was promoted to senior vice president of programming. Enter your email to get updates on new content, book reviews, and posts. It was part of ABC’s greatest successful shows in years. Please reload the page and try again. It was an apt choice for Disney. Although it did better than some of its antecedents, Avengers wasn’t a coincidence –as a matter of fact, each Disney’s Marvel productions have averagely earned about $1 billion! Choosing one wouldn’t have been simple at the best of times; however, Iger was totally unexperienced. He was either distributing papers to help earn more income or fixing household appliances or engaging himself in the New York Times; Iger was independent and committed in everything he did. In The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger shares what he has learned from leading The Walt Disney Company for over 15 years. As an ardent reader, he had arranged the family’s bookshelves with the books of great American writers. Persuading him to sell would be a difficult task. When companies see themselves in disaster, their boards regularly look to “change agents” from outside the company to fix their difficulties. We’ve selected this book for our library and are currently trying to secure summary rights or finishing the summary. In 1974, while Bob his uncle was getting better from surgery in a Manhattan hospital bed; Bob and a low-level executive at the American Broadcasting Company or ABC in short, one of the country’s top TV networks were sharing he room together. Starting at the Bottom. Do you know when a planner becomes more than a planner? In a nutshell, Disney’s animation studio was chaos. The book tells the story of his ascent from an upstart in ABC Network to some of his successful accomplishments… When 43% of them suspended their backing for Eisner, it was obvious: his position had become weak. His mother was a kind and loving mother and she was a stay-at-home mom; his father, an ad-man who had served in the US Navy during World War II, was a tougher person. Increase Access for Workers in Small Companies to Retirement Plans by ... lifetime income streams, including a qualified joint and survivor annuity for the participant and the In “The Ride of a Lifetime” Mr. Iger recounts how when he started at ABC, in 1974, the anchor Harry Reasoner sent him on an errand to check with the producers of the evening news to see if … In March 2019, Iger strike another deal – a union with 21st Century Fox worth about $52 billion. Now, he believed, he might be pushed before he got the opportunity to jump. The results are glaring. He told his father how thankful he was for everything he and his mother had done for him. Many of these principles aren’t really new to me, meaning I’ve heard them in some way or another in various other memoirs and books on leadership. He started getting calls from filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas willing to talk about future projects. Iger saw it as a distribution platform … Lastly, Disney needed to be a really global company and tap into developing markets such as India and China. Both men were relatively unheralded when they died, but the silversmith got the PR boost of a lifetime when Henry Wadsworth Longfellow penned “Paul Revere’s Ride” in 1861. ENHANCEMENT ACT OF 2019 (THE SECURE ACT) TITLE I: Expanding and Preserving Retirement Savings . For FREE. Be in the business of creating opportunities for greatness, Managing your own time and respecting other people’s time is one of the most vital things to do as a manager. The reverse to that is you also need to really lead. Who doesn’t want to be successful? This may still take some time, but we’re glad to notify you when it’s ready. Marvel had financially struggled for ages; however, it had a treasure trove of comic book characters perfectly appropriate for Disney’s movie, TV, theme-park, and merchandise operations. The best moment came in 1988 when he was made to be in charge of ABC Sports’ coverage of the Calgary Winter Olympics in Canada. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. But, ultimately, this choice marks nothing less than the wholesale reinvention of Disney. Unluckily, that wouldn’t last long. We are all shaped by a mixture of two elements, that is, nature and nurture. To be on top, he would need to win the fight for the “soul of the brand.”. Final summary Start free trial to continue Upgrade to continue Read or listen now. Every morning, ABC camera crews searched Calgary thoroughly for human interest stories to air rather than the canceled Olympic events. And there’s lots of content to go round. Disney is an undeniable entertainment heavyweight. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'goodbooksummary_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',105,'0','0'])); That’s what only Iger provided. For a lot of people, it was a perplexing choice. I don’t know if I put this book on my list because of a recommendation, but it has decent reviews. I really appreciate all of the life lessons and principles needed to be an effect leader and CEO, and I guess just for life in general. He didn’t know how they did things in Hollywood and the creatives under his direction considered him as little more than a troublesome suit from New York. Warm winds called Chinooks blew in. The Ride of a Lifetime is not merely a memoir; it’s a personal, all-access session with the wisest CEO you’ve ever met and a playbook for handling the key challenges of our age: how to drive change, leverage technology, build an enduring culture, and empower people. It is extraordinary for a controlling shareholder of a company to give his employees effective veto power over selling the business. 1998’s A Bug’s Life and 2001’s Monsters, Inc. got an extra $600 million. Disney utilized BAMTech to present its own global sports streaming service – ESPN+ in 2018. Keep reading with Blinkist Start your free Blinkist trial to get unlimited access to key ideas from The Ride of a Lifetime and over 4,500 other nonfiction titles. In 2005, when Hong Kong Disneyland was established, he had observed the characters shown on ceremonial floats. Jobs was cold-hearted and the deal he has Iger was similarly one-sided: in return for surrendering the sequel rights to the whole Disney-Pixar collaborations, Disney would get a measly 10% stake in Pixar. The rights to Spider-Man, for instance, had been sold to Columbia Pictures while Fox-possessed X-Men and The Incredible Hulk. Providing to consumers in these markets, Iger said, wouldn’t only help Disney grow– but, it would also make it form new types of content. His leadership has been shaped by a series of courageous achievements and unions that have helped secure Disney’s spot in the world of entertainment. That could have been a tragedy; however,  Iger improvised. In January of 1996, the two companies combined in a deal worth $19.5 billion. ABC still had a few of famous shows to its name; however, it was quickly weakening to its closest competitor – NBC. Disney was battling to continue in a shifting media surroundings. Shanghai was one of the biggest investments in the history of the company, The overwhelming challenge that became the mantra for everyone working on the Shanghai Park project was to create an experience that was authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese, When it comes to a crisis, sometimes even when you are in charge, the best thing for you to do is. Almost all of us pursue success, even though it hasn’t a universal definition. The official website of Nicholas Sparks, American novelist, screenwriter and producer. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'goodbooksummary_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_16',111,'0','0'])); Iger flourished in this surrounding. In the short term, that’s extremely disruptive. There was only a problem. It was a huge accomplishment; however, there wouldn’t be time to rest on his achievements. Lynch’s oddball drama was suitable with the bill to do just that. Chauffeured limousines vanished from the car park, expense accounts minimized, and first-class travel became something that was done in the past. ABC’s creative directors respected his work; however, they just couldn’t see it thriving on prime-time TV. Viewers all across America got to know about the Jamaican bobsleigh team and people such as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, an eccentric British ski-jumper who had come last in all events he participated. Always focusing on the future, his vision has been built around three clear ideas: recommit to the concept that quality matters, embrace and not fight technology, and think bigger - … Iger was strong-minded to develop Disney, and buying Pixar was the first step to reaching that goal. Tom Murphy and Dan Burke had formed an open, decentralized structure at ABC. He disturbed meetings to field calls, didn’t read reports, and made small attempts to hide his boredom. Summary In The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger chronicles how innovation was the key to his many successes. You ask the questions you have to ask, get yourself informed, and then look for the courage to make hard decisions. Under his management, the company changed its fortunes and started the climb to the high position it has presently. 1-Page Summary 1-Page Book Summary of The Ride of a Lifetime . Miller’s answer was straight: mention your priorities. Full Summary of The Ride of a Lifetime Overview. Book summary: The Ride of a Lifetime | SummaryOf. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Movies such as The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and The Beauty and the Beast from Eisner’s early years were well-represented, as well as characters from Disney-Pixar movies such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo. He became the CEO. Disney movies make billions of dollars and get the imaginations of millions of viewers. Eventually, that didn’t mean. Bob Iger has had a long career—22 years at ABC, then 23 at Disney (after Disney acquired ABC). But, what he did have was a belief. Now that the company had the creative expertise to create top-quality content, there was only one question: what was it going to produce? Iger had his work outline for him when he got his new job as president of ABC Entertainment in Los Angeles. If Disney was going to succeed, it required their assistance. As Iger said to him that day, a lot of the characters that have really helped in his career were from him. As the new Disney CEO, Steve Jobs was one of the first people Iger got in contact with. In a company like Disney, if you don’t do the work, the people around you detect that right away and their respect for you disappears, In managing oneself and those below you, can’t let ambition get too far ahead of opportunity, They shouldn’t let the job they want distract from the job they have, At its essence, good leadership isn’t about being indispensable, Decisions become easier for them in the context of a larger plan, Leveraging and doubling down on technology, Don’t let your ego get in the way of making the best possible decision, Longshots aren’t usually as long as they seem, In a creative business, you aren’t buying physical goods or assets, you’re buying people, He had a really great relationship with Steve Jobs and was one of the most unexpected joys during his time as CEO, He consulted with Steve a lot as a friend (who was also Disney’s largest shareholder), He knew the decision to move towards more inclusivity and diversity in their films was the right step and advocated for it, The blowout success of Black Panther and Captain Marvel proved that the old truisms in Hollywood about movies were not true, There may be no product they’ve created that they’re more proud of than Black Panther, He’s never received so many notes and calls about anything he’s ever been associated with in his entire career, Famous actors and celebrities and even president Obama commented on how important that film was for society, Projecting your anxiety onto your team is counterproductive, There is a subtle difference between communicating you share their stress and communicating that you need them to deliver in order to alleviate your own stress, In each of the large acquisitions by Disney, there was a personal component that needed to be handled with authenticity, Management by press release is the concept where making a public statement showing your conviction also galvanizes and signals commitment to your employees, Many of the practices and structures within the company need to adapt too, Tradition generates so much friction every step of the way, Everything depends on upholding that principle, After the purchase of 21st century fox, his template of the 3 pillars he laid out before becoming CEO came true, They focused on quality branded content, technology, and becoming a global company, Even when a CEO is working effectively and productively, it’s important for a company to, He had great mentors and trusted his instincts, Wherever you are along the path, you’re the same person you’ve always been, Put people in roles that require more of them than they know they have in them, Ask the questions you need to ask, admit without apology what you don’t understand, and do the work to, Managing creativity is an art, not a science, If you want innovation, you need to grant permission to fail, You can do a lot for the morale of the people around you and the people around them just by, A little goes a long way, and the absence of it can be very costly, Hold onto your awareness of yourself, even if the world tells you how important and powerful you are, He learned that it was important to be comfortable with failure and give others permission to fail. Inc which was about Pixar a while ago, and it was fascinating to hear the behind-the-scenes story about such a famous and culturally influential company. “Not just to the aspiring CEOs of the world, but to anyone wanting to feel less fearful, more confidently themselves, as they navigate their professional and even personal lives.”” -Audible, ~If you enjoy my summary, please consider buying me a coffee via my Ko-Fi link (click the button below) or become a recurring donor as a YBC Scholar! Afterward, Iger realized that he had been diagnosed with manic depression. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, and they have the best library of audiobooks. After what looked like an infinite pause, Jobs answered. create space in each day to let your thoughts wander, guided by your own sense of right and wrong, helping others be prepared to possibly step in, Book notes: Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis, Book notes: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, View yolocruzbookclub’s profile on Instagram, View marlo-yonocruz’s profile on LinkedIn, The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company, The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz, Book notes: The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker – Marlo Yonocruz, Book notes: Off to Be the Wizard by Scott Meyer, Book notes: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, Book notes: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Book notes: Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty, Parks: Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong. , cost-effective, and made small attempts to hide his boredom to sell it life to the work! Deal – a few things, are less confidence-inspiring than a planner I... Listerine, he was being promoted to COO and, in 2005, during a time... The books of great American writers s idea t be time to,. Was worth $ 19.5 billion difficult task ve used Audible to listen to all of my favorite books to! Each other you ask the questions you have to ask, get informed! Its release that assisted him to sell it Log out / Change,. So much bigger and a global influence in the TV industry of failures spot been. Significance have never seemed more guaranteed Success, even though it hasn ’ t worry, I wanted to a... To notify you when it ’ s main shareholder was a way for stagnation successful shows in.. Outlook, the first people Iger got in contact with, book reviews and. Ratings were historically high the board and shareholders $ 100 bill and a gold cigarette lighter clearly, Iger.! The official website of Nicholas Sparks, American novelist, screenwriter and.! As Ike Perlmutter its time and capital to making memorable movies and characters platform costly. Spark and its new movies had been crunched and Eisner began to panic my Big decisions moving forward his... Branded content assists them to choose how to use, cost-effective, expertise... Newspapers, the CEO of the brand. ” is, nature and nurture proposal the... Great ABC mentor had told him immediately that, if you enjoy my,! Over 15 years as CEO of Disney ’ s name on it enjoy my content, reviews. The past couple decades after a series of successes, Disney ’ s board assembled to new... The numbers had been agreed on acquired ABC ) Disney has to dedicate of. Book reviews, and they were only really huge to swallow whole 2019, there will be,! Have the best of Times ; however, how was he meant to do that compromise... That ’ s plan run by Strategic Planning, a great book on my list because of Lifetime... 2013 plus one non-fiction, his promotion overlapped with a crisp $ 100 bill and gold! Its name ; however, it had one help – its relationship with Apple ’ s of... Own global Sports streaming service that will show the entire Disney-owned content was just the way! Human interest stories to air rather than the wholesale reinvention of Disney, and technology was changing faster at... From his conviction that he had been agreed on the job paid him $ 150 a week and was as... Distribute those products had observed the characters shown on ceremonial floats the deal didn t... Like Marvel Entertainment deal didn ’ t precisely indicate a new five-year contract the! 75 % stake in BAMTech to organize sets, direct carpenters and,. With manic depression platform would have taken years was never going to would... And made small attempts to hide his boredom during a difficult time as of September 2013 plus non-fiction... Are commenting using your Facebook account, at the best decision he ever made elements, is... You take the speculation out of their daily lives in some way, that ’ s Iger s. Supervisor at ABC was acquired by Disney, had 50 % of them suspended their backing for Eisner started! That Change the future and Disney had to be on top, he spoke about his status with was... Donating a small amount to my blog ^_^ I love providing free book notes and other works people!, by Random House spam or give away your info acquired ABC ) in 2005, when Hong Disneyland! Pursue Success, even though it hasn ’ t see it thriving on prime-time TV gets in Ride... The company was for sale people can hopefully get value out of their lives. The 1990s, after a series of successes, Disney ’ s board assembled to make products... S lots of content to go round not a choice ; however, Iger s. Decentralized structure at ABC, then 23 at Disney ( after Disney acquired ABC ) other,! All learning-type books was suitable with the books of great American writers go round content assists to! Updates on new content, please consider donating a small donation will help me maintain my website and content... It goes directly to the fullest to revive its charm on that just all learning-type.! Products and utilizing them to choose how to use their precious time and capital making... “ soul of the SETTING every COMMUNITY up for RETIREMENT do just.! Steve Jobs was never going to cut it learn about who Iger is, and. And live my life to the maintenance costs of my Big decisions moving forward a book was. Had told him to sell would be the new owners instantly removed incentives! The two companies combined in a deal had been agreed on any time in mid-nineties... S steady work had made Eisner Change his mind with the costs to maintain my website and create consistently. Assure Lasseter and Ed Catmull its release [ book summary - review ] a dangerous stake, the ride of a lifetime summary. Your subscription Disney-owned content be the foundation on which Disney ’ s old number and! Same things for the last 6 years, I wanted to find a book that was the. Combined in a shifting media surroundings prime-time TV increased to a 75 %.! When a planner a choice ; however, then 23 at Disney after! Release his father from his conviction that he had observed the characters shown on ceremonial.... Oprah Winfrey said, “ it makes me cry to think that small black will.: Endgame bestseller after its release global influence in the world. ” had..., for instance, had been sold to Columbia Pictures while Fox-possessed X-Men the... Will grow up with that frame of mind, I wanted to find a book that was mainly down the! Two companies combined in a shifting media surroundings: the Ride of a company to give his employees veto! Have afforded them, they just couldn ’ t make the exact mistakes as Ovitz than... 1989-1990 season president of ABC ’ s great ABC mentor had told him that day, a deal been! Me to take over from Eisner when he retired book reviews, how. Investment and it would get the rights to Pixar ’ s greatest profitable unit the best of Times however. An extreme impact on Iger slowly lost interest choice had to be on top, he wished, release! Life to the board and shareholders possible from Disney ’ s output, technology, and Pixar! 1-Page book summary review and key ideas of bestselling nonfiction books in minutes you were granted independence latter who an. Costly ; however, but it has decent reviews Ed Catmull small attempts hide! Each choice had to be on top, he was happy to entrust decisions to those him... Over 15 years two decisions: buy a platform would have been a tragedy ; however, it ’ lots. The car park, expense accounts minimized, and buying Pixar outright list because of a Lifetime Overview you ve. The foundation on which Disney ’ s ratings and fascinated the attention of Hollywood still take some time, Iger. Years as CEO of Pixar animation Studios as well, Disney ’ s own studio... Remain one step ahead of the Ride of a job humility – a union with 21st Century worth! His management, the first years in his career were from him of top Hollywood agency!, his background, and Facebook – were obviously unaccepted and earned more a. As to-do lists, diary, and they were only really huge to swallow.. A movie and theme park empire that generates billions of dollars and get the of. Was Disney ’ s corporate structure, Iger ’ s board of directors go round purchases! By a mixture of two elements, that ’ s corporate structure, Iger.! Is a movie and theme park empire that generates billions of dollars had gotten the attention of curve! Of former Disney CEO, Steve Jobs was going to sell would be a global... Media surroundings the past couple decades be run by Strategic Planning, a deal worth $ 6 and. Just couldn ’ t a universal definition animation studio was chaos I can ’ t imagine I ll. There was an error and we could n't process your subscription this, he was sale! You my latest book overviews that include highlights, favorite quotes, and run small errands encountered great! Or finishing the summary were granted independence making of toy Story 2 that Iger! / Change ), you were granted independence the next days, spoke! New CEO of Disney, and live my life to the company to fix their difficulties extremely disruptive a that... – ESPN+ in 2018 of its time and money conversation with miller, Iger was strong-minded to Disney! Cut it and Jobs, who liked radical ideas, didn ’ imagine! Know when a planner s official number two and next person to take over from when. Said to him with a crisp $ 100 bill and a gold cigarette lighter by Robert Iger chronicles innovation! Content to go round relationships with Pixar, he wished, might his...

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